dear lord (8/365)

dear lord.
i am tired and beat so very down.
i am done with everything, everyone,
but these problems just keep coming around.
the winds they keep on blowing
and i have bent and bent myself to their will.
i know you’re there and looking out for me,
but i’m sitting here feeling alone.
you told me there would be trials,
that i would just need to trust you to get through,
that you have great plans for me,
but today just none of that seems true.
i just want a break, lord,
from those trials and those winds,
from those things that keep on coming,
from those problems that never end.
i want a little sunshine, lord.
just a little. i’m begging you, please.
i’m ready for those great plans
that you have promised for me.
lord, i need you.
i am broken and i am down here on my knees.
i’ll just stay here waiting for you
i know you will not let me down.