the rain reminds me of blood (1/100)

the rain reminds me of the blood;

the blood leaking from my body falling into the pad an echo of the rain falling from the sky to the waiting ground below.

this spring rain brings life though, a nourishment to renew and create growth.

the blood is death.


an end.

a waste of a chance, the non fulfillment of a moment.

another future gone.

like the clouds my uterus grew. taking on more and more until it could not hold anymore.

with cramps that hit like lightening and spread like thunder, the first heavy drops fall.

at the first break it pours in a release, from the clouds in a roaring joy, from my body in a screaming pain.

then comes the steady shower, the true unburdening of the load.

the destruction of the moment has passed and a healing has begun.

the cloud knows that it must fully shed itself into the world to one day form again, my uterus knows that it must fully shed the wasted future to have a chance at another.

two dynamically different yet similar events, but as I stand in this rain, feel it trickle down my body, all I can think of is the blood trickling out of me, and marvel at how nature mirrors itself.