tell yourself

i see you over there crying, i hear your calls for help. let me hold you for a while and let me give you words that i often have to give myself.

tell yourself you are ok.
tell yourself that you will be fine.
tell yourself you will get through this, just give yourself some time.
tell yourself that this day is almost over and a new one will soon begin.
tell yourself you got this.
tell yourself that this time of trials will eventually have an end.

i still see you crying, i still hear your cries for help. your faith in yourself is low and you can’t trust these things that you say.

i believe that you will be ok and that you will be fine.
i believe that you will get through this, allow me to help you through this time.
i am here to help you through today, to get you to the next one,
i am here so that you don’t have to do this on your own,
i am here to help you reach the end of your trials,
i am here to build you up, and to give you that extra hand.

i hate that today is tearing you down. i hate that you feel this pain. i hate that you feel worthless. i see your pain and i know that it is real, i can’t completely take it from you, but let me help you carry it for a while.