right here in black and white

i look over and see the curves and softness of you. i could spend hours just staring at your crescent moon of lashes on your cheeks and the way your mouth puckers slightly open while you sleep. i wonder at how even in sleep you always find a way to me. slowly you move and you shift until you end up curled into a ball at my side. and i do the same in my own sleep, i wake and my body is curved around you.

like past love in vintage photographs these are black and and white moments that i store away. i know these moments of love, cuddles, and sweetness will end oh so soon. they will make up only the tiniest fraction of your life and you won’t even remember these moments that have meant the world to me.

but these moments… oh these moments. moments of monochromatic love with you sleeping at my side, hand resting on me, with our breath and heartbeats in sync. these are the memories that i cherish and hold dear.


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